Master’s Program

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Masters in Management Science and Engineering.

This program focuses on logistics planning and supply chain management, strategy management, finance project and investment decision-making, development and management of information system, etc. With the faculty’s long-time joint efforts, the program is endowed with its own features and has achieved a series of prominent results that rank high in domestic academic fields.

This program is composed of a well-structured academic team with 6 professors and 18 associate professors, 10 of whom are doctors. In recent years having completed 12 projects of provincial or above funds, 4 of which are national ones, the members of the faculty have been awarded 6 prizes on provincial or ministerial level for outstanding scientific achievements and 32 prizes on municipal or departmental level. Furthermore, based on the laboratory of logistics planning and supply chain management and the comprehensive laboratorial center for senior level management professionals in modern service industry financed by the Demonstrational Experimental Center of Electronic Information in Jiangsu Province and Special Funds of the Central Government, a promising and influential platform with specific directions is well established to carry out researching and educational missions.

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