Social Service

2019-03-11   Views

Our school takes fully advantages of its resources, cooperates closely with governmental departments and enterprises concerned, and takes initiative to whole-heartedly serve the local economic development. With the highlighted application values, the main efforts are directed towards regional economic transformation and industrial optimization, newly emerging industries and some related significant theoretical issues, or some real problems that should be solved immediately in the decision-making phase for the local government or concerning departments. For instance, our suggestions and reports about the land problems were recognized, approved or adopted by Wang Min, then the Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee. Some of our academic works have aroused social attention and got friendly feedbacks, for example, the article titled “Value Precious Resources, Increase Land Utilization in Development Zone” that appeared in the Journal of Probing into Development Zone was quoted and reported by Wenhui Daily, Jiefang Daily and other newspapers.

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