Scientific Research Achievements

2019-03-11   Views

In order to bring their researching potentialities into full play, teachers in our school work hard to produce fruitful academic works in accordance with the development plan of SUST and the key disciplines. They’ve published over 30 monographs, 11 of which are academic writings, and of the 363 articles that appear in authoritative academic journals like Economic Research Journal, 81 are fully quoted by Xinhua Digest or enlisted into CSSCI. They’ve also undertaken over 130 projects whose funds amount to more than RMB 3 million. Among them, 72 projects are sponsored by municipal or departmental organizations, 15 by provincial or ministerial associations, and10 by national funds. More than 30 research achievements have been awarded Outstanding Prizes on municipal and above level, 6 of which on provincial and above level.

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