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Officially established in July 2006, our school is the first secondary school in Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

Our school currently runs 4 undergraduate programs and 1 master’s program of the primary disciplines. They are respectively Business Administration, Tourism Management, Marketing, Logistics Management and Management Science and Engineering. Accordingly, our school is composed of 4 departments for the undergraduate programs, 1 laboratory of management information, and 1 . Moreover, there are 3 research institutes: the Institute of Global Economy Research, the Institute of South Jiangsu Economic Research and Development as well as Urban Studies and Tourism Research. While boasting 2 college-level s respectively for the featured major in tourism management and , our school also hosts 2 training centers, 1 for E-business and 1 for tourism.

36 members of the school faculty are teachers, among whom there are 5 professors, 12 associate professors and 19 lecturers. 10 of them have got doctor’s degree and 5 of them are selected respectively as members of “333 Project” in Jiangsu Province, key teachers of “Qinglan Talent Project” in Jiangsu Province and Top Specialist Talents in Suzhou City.

The faculty members are actively engaged in academic researches. In recent years, they have published 363 articles in provincial or above level academic journal, 17 academic monographs, 30 textbooks, and 6 books in other academic fields. They have also undertaken 135 research projects, including a National Natural Science Foundation project and some Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences Funds projects.

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