Selected Works of Juliys Nyerere Sent to Tanzanian President Kikwete

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Selected Works of Juliys Nyerere Sent to Tanzanian President Kikwete

On Oct.22, visitingTanzanian PresidentJakayaMrishoKikwete visited the African Arts Town located in Song Zhuang, Beijing. During the visit, theSelected Works of Juliys Nyerere, a work translated and published by ECNU, was sent to him as a special gift.

PresidentKikwete and his wife enjoy ECNU students’ play of Tanzania folk music.

Accompanied by Lyu Youqing, China’s Ambassador to Tanzanian, and related staff of the Foreign Ministry,PresidentKikwete and his wife visited the town where dancers from Tanzanian welcome him with torrid drumbeats and cheerful dances. President Kikwete unveiled the plaque of African Arts Town with Li Songshan and Han Rong, owners of the town and a retired couple dedicating to introducing African culture and art to China for years.

Ren Youqun sends a copy of Selected Works of Juliys Nyerereto PresidentKikwete.

Selected Works of Juliys Nyerere is published by ECNU Press in late September.

After that, they visited the Photo Exhibition for 50 Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between China and Tanzanian held at the Town. During the visit, the Tanzanian folk music played by ECNU students attracted the President and his wife. They appreciated the students for their wonderful performance.

PresidentKikwete delivers a speech during the visit.

At the main hall of the visiting, Li Songsan delivered a welcome speech to the President in Swahili. Ren Youqun, ECNU’s Vice President and Vice Chairman of University Council, sentSelected Works of Juliys Nyerere, a work translated and published by ECNU, as a gift toKikwete, and then made a brief introduction of ECNU’s Institute of African Studies and the publication ofSelected Works of Juliys Nyerereto him.Kikwete expressed his willing of promoting the understanding and friendship between Chinese and Tanzanian people in his speech.

ECNU students interact with the visiting guests.

Li Songshan ang Han Rong enjoy ECNU students’ performance.

According to Prof. Mu Tao, Director of ECNU’s Department of History and an expert in African history,Juliys Nyerer(1922-1999) was a famous African politician, the first President of the United Republic of Tanzania and Founder of the Nation.Nyerer was an old friend of China, and a founder of the modern Sino-African friendly relations.ECNU’s Institute of African wants to make more Chinese know the thoughts ofNyerer, as well as the hard road of African people’s national liberation and economic independence during the late 1900s with the translation of Nyerer’s works.

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