Logistics Management Postgraduate Employment Exchange

2014-11-30   Views

At 18:00 on June 11, 2014, a postgraduate employment exchange was organized by Logistics Association in C3-104. The meeting was chaired by the president of Logistics Association Zhu Ling and outstanding graduates were also invited to introduce their experience. At the meeting, outstanding graduates indicated the direction of postgraduate and employment for students by sharing their employment, postgraduate or study abroad experience.

First of all, the former president of Logistics Association Chen Yuting based on her experiences in the work of the enterprise, talked about the work experience, and to remind not yet graduated students should be cautious to choose the first job. Then, Liu Xiang, Yu Qianwen who successfully admitted to graduate shared their experiences that in the study section of the road to the students, and encouraged students to persevere to study. Finally, Feng Xue who applied to UK universities successfully told her college application process to the students, and provided a platform for students to understand the study abroad.

Logistics Association President Zhu Ling thanked outstanding graduates for coming to the meeting, at the same time she also encouraged the freshman, sophomore, junior of Logistics Department students to establish a good goal and direction and make a good life planning.

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