The Department of Business Administration

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Among 10 teachers in the Department of Business Administration, there is 1 professor, 4 associate professors. The 4-year undergraduate program of corporate management is divided into 2 majors: manufacturing and operation management, investment management. The department pays great attention to the students’ development in all-round way so that they can be competent specialists in management, teaching and researching when they work for administration departments and enterprises.

The department has based their researching activities on the key disciplines and enjoyed fruitful academic success by publishing nearly 80 articles and 7 monographs while taking charge of or accomplishing more than 10 projects.

The department attaches much importance to combining theory with practice as well as training the students’ professional skills. On one hand, the students are demanded to have Certificate of Accounting Professional, Certificate of SAC and other related certificates for better employment opportunities, and on the other hand, the department spares no efforts to broaden the employment channels by signing practice or service contacts with some renowned enterprises such as Suzhou Yongyou Educational Group, Suzhou Best Team Real Estate Comprehensive Service Co., Ltd, Suzhou Hengtong BCTV Co., Ltd, to name a few.

As to the major education, the department highly values the opportunities to serve the local economy. It therefore cooperated with Suzhou Tourism Administration, Wuzhong District Tourism Administration, SND Tourism Administration and successfully finished teaching and researching programs. It has also established practice bases in over 10 tourist enterprises like Renaissance Suzhou Hotel, Suzhou Lakeside Hotel, Suzhou Youth Travel Agency and so on to help the students to be actively involved in practice. In the past 3 years, the employment rate of the graduates in tourism management has remained 100%. What is more exciting is that almost all graduates are highly praised by their employers.

The Department of Marketing

Among 9 teachers in the Department of Marketing, there is 1 professor and 2 associate professors. Under the 4-year undergraduate program, there are 2 directions, i.e., marketing management and E-business. The department sets its goal to train fully developed professionals with profound marketing knowledge and abilities to competently work for marketing related organizations.

Supported by the main disciplines, the department has achieved outstanding success in researching activities. In the influential and high-quality scientific research achievements, there are nearly 90 academic articles, 10 monographs and more than 20 national or provincial projects.

The department stresses the importance of putting theoretical knowledge into practice and strengthening the students’ professional skills. While requiring that before graduation the students should have Certificate of Marketing Post, E-business Certificate and other related credentials, the department also strenuously pursues employment opportunities for the students by establishing practice bases and signing employment contracts with some well-known enterprises such as Suzhou Asia Shopping Mall, Suzhou Feida Electronics Co. Ltd and so on.

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