Representatives of Flinders University in Australia Visited Our School

2014-11-30   Views

Executive dean (Phyllis Tharenou) of the Social and Behavioral Sciences of Flinders University in Australia, vice president (Max Smith) and project manager for the International (Faith Yong) visited our school on the morning of November 4th.

Shen Yaoliang who is the vice president of our college received Phyllis Tharenou, Max Smith and Faith Yong cordiality, they also had a cordial conversation. Wu Huifang who is the director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department, Wang Zhongjun who is the dean of Business School attended the meeting too. Vice president discussed the history, scale, characteristics of subjects of the University of Science and Technology of Suzhou and the situation of Sino foreign cooperation in running schools in recent years, and expressed the hope that our school could have the cooperation and exchange with Flinders University. Phyllis Tharenou expressed gratitude for our gracious reception.She introduced the history and characteristic speciality of Flinders University and the cooperation with Nankai University and other universities in China, but also expressed the hope to promote exchanges and cooperation between our colleges.

Subsequently, Wu Huifang accompanied Phyllis Tharenou and so on went to Business School, they explored the possibility of the cooperation and exchange programs between two colleges with the leaders of Business School. They also initially identified the patterns of cooperation and exchange projects.



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