Career Guidance Classes of Business School - The Art of Listening

2014-11-30   Views

Graduates employment guide class primarily teaches the systematic ideas and skills about choosing and obtaining a job. Through this course helps students to grasp the needs of the current situation in the job market and know the systems and policies relating to employment of national, provincial and municipal, to establish the correct concepts of career and employment, including correct employment orientation. On November 14, our students in the class of grade 2012 under the counselor Lu Bing's organization took part in the career guidance lessons in C5-301 classroom and the theme is “How to listen rapt”.

The main task of employment guide class of Three Grade is teaching students how to prepare to work. Ms. Lu explained us how to do the work of individual communication during the employment process. Specifically explain more than seven aspects including the basic concepts of listening, the psychological process of interference listening, listening skills, improving listening efficiency through self-understanding, improving listening efficiency through neurolinguistic programming, the rhetoric and interaction of listening, some suggestions for the governors. Ms. Lu taught students how to listen effectively that made the students laid a good foundation for future career.

This course enables students to recognize and learn how to deal with the problem that may be encountered in the future career , and makes them achieve their dreams and create a better future.




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